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  Optics and Signal Processing Consultant



  • Optical design (LightTools, Code V and Zemax)
  • Lightning and PV system conception (Zemax)
  • Fibre optics system conception
  • Photonic and physics phenomena modeling (Matlab)
  • Optimization and characterization protocols settings
  • Machine learning, Inverse problem
  • Images and signal processing (Matlab, Scilab, Python, OpenCV, ImageJ…)
  • Interactive system design and realization for show room or museum (Processing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino…)

Application fields

  • Optics and physics
    Imaging, lightning, display, opto-electronic sensors, medical sensors, diffusing media,
    thin layer media, micro-electronics, 3D vision, colorimetry, spectroscopy, biophotonics, biomedical optics
    ( Optical Coherence Tomography, Dynamic Phototherapy, Diffuse Tomography, Fluorescence, Oxymetry, Microscopy …)

  • Image and Signal Processing
    System characterisation, industrial vision,
    physical information recovering ( spectra, density, type of gas or material …) ,
    optical signal processing, image processing in an interactive or artistic framework.
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